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8X4 /// Don't Stop Yourself


Transforming the traditional 8X4 brand into a modern premium deodorant brand that also reaches Gen Z. And this in a highly competitive market where over 60% of users are constantly changing their deodorant.


Don't stop yourself! In a radically new, integrated campaign, we tell the true stories of extraordinary personalities and show how individual deodorant protection helps people to go their own way with confidence.

Three Personalities

Bold personalities tell their authentic stories and thus encourage others that #NothingCanStopMe. Each personality is assigned a fragrance.


“I want to inspire women to let nothing and no one stop them.” - Deborah Keser // designer and longboard dancer


“I'm a rebel in a world that's afraid of anything that's different.” - Theo Vanity // beauty influencer and make up artist


“With my scars I show how superficial beauty ideals are.” - Julius Gerhardt // model and artist


A 360° campaign with focus on trial generation including 360° activation on digital channels as well as POS, PR, OOH and digital seeding. In the first 2 weeks: 400 million cross contacts. 280.000 website visitors. 37.2 million social media impressions. 2.5 million Youtube views.


Lead agency +KNAUSS
Innovation agency facts+stories 
Media agency Carat
Digital agency BOOM
PR agency achtung!
Packaging design agency MAYD
Film production Rabbicorn
Music production Die 2wei