Children for a better World e.V.

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Children /// I’ll share.


A nationwide pro bono campaign for the NGO “Children for a better World e.V.” to raise awareness and activate supporters for the organisation and the problem of child poverty in Germany.


Pocket money, monthly income, acting salary - everyone can give a little of what they have. With the clear message "I’ll share" celebrities and children tell how they can support.

Among the participants were celebrities like Eckart von Hirschhausen, Lisa & Lena, Günter Netzer, David Garrett, Pumuckl, Peter Maffay, Victoria Swarovski and Cherno Jobatey.

Go Digital!

The poster flight took our message to the streets of Germany. But we also attracted attention online: for example, with a donation chat robot, with profile picture stickers and with online auctions.

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Also part of the campaign: Our multiple award-winning radio spot "Enough":



Through the campaign "I give up" numerous new supporters and donations in the 6-digit range for children could be collected. Nevertheless every 5th child in Germany still lives in poverty. This is why +KNAUSS has been supporting the Children association for several years as a permanent partner for communication in its work for children in poverty.


Lead agency +KNAUSS
Photographer Tim Fulda