Frauen aufs Podium

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Frauen aufs Podium /// Gender Gaps


When it comes to equal opportunities, there are still deep gaps between men and women in Germany. In the super-election year 2021, voters have the chance to tackle these inequalities.


With an unheard synchronous mechanism, we make the inequalities and opportunity gaps literally audible. What do these gaps mean for us personally? How do they evolve? And what can we do about them?

The Creatives

The pension gap Refers to poverty in old age, which primarily affects women due to their pensions being 26% lower on average.
The care gap Refers to the over 50% higher burden of household, family, and care work on women, as well as the low-paid, primarily female-occupied professions in the care and social sectors.
The power gap Results from the severe underrepresentation of women in all influential areas and positions, both in politics and in business.


Lead-Agency +KNAUSS
Sound Studio Michael Krüger