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GIZEH x KangaROOS /// 420 Sneaker


The GIZEH brand should conquer new channels in lifestyle environments such as fashion and art and generate awareness, talkability and buzz for the brand.


Together with KangaROOS, we launched a unique sneaker, limited to 420 pieces, which served as the centerpiece of a radiant and innovative campaign. We cleverly use the shoe as a Trojan horse to promote content on paid media.


The artwork

Artist collabo with Anna T-Iron

With the artwork of the well-known Hamburg street artist Anna T-Iron, we let the limited sneakers, the corresponding products and fashion pieces of the limited edition appear in a unique look.
The artwork is composed of many small elements and lets you discover a new great Easteregg every time you look at it.

The sneaker

Each of the sneakers, limited to 420 pieces, is absolutely unique. A pair of shoes cannot be more unique.
But that is not enough for the special features. A small pocket is hidden in the flap of the shoe. Perfect for hiding all kinds of things in. Want to see more?

Click here to visit the microsite

The campaign

sound on sound off
sound on sound off
sound on sound off


The products


The 420 sneaker was sold out within 48 hours.

The making of



Lead agency +KNAUSS
Shoe manufacturer KangaROOS
Artist Anna T-Iron
Packaging design JustBlue
Foto- & film-production Das Kartell / Doering
Microsite LOYD
Social media NOGA

+KNAUSS is the official PR & Trade Partner of GIZEH.