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Hidrofugal /// Tommy


Move the formerly taboo subject of sweat further into the spotlight - and with it Hidrofugal as the expert against sweat.


Tommy. In a short film format, we tell the moving story of Tommy, our lovable (anti-)hero. A tragicomedy. A love story. A life that, like many others, is limited by sweat - until Tommy meets his enabler.



A spectacle – not only for the category. A finely tuned soundtrack. 90 seconds of goose bumps: We show how entertaining and charming advertising can be - without losing its punch.

Deutschlandweite Studie

With “Tommy,” we’re addressing an issue that many of us struggle with. This is shown by our study “This is how Germany sweats”, which was conducted especially for Hidrofugal.


Lead-Agentur +KNAUSS
Film-Produktion Tony Petersen
Musik-Produktion Supreme